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Lead radiation protection

12 March 2014

Although lead dust harmful to human health, in some cases without unsafe heavy metal is simply not enough. Very effective, this raw material has proved itself in protecting living organisms from exposure to radiation. Since radiation emissions particularly dangerous for all living things and is able to provoke a number of irreversible changes in the functioning of various systems and organs, the effective protection from such harmful effects is highly relevant in the light of modern life. Additionally, it aggravates the situation by the fact that the action of radiation in the beginning is not felt by man. After the radiation has no color, taste or smell, and when the consequences become apparent, then wrap back the clock is impossible.

Reliable protection from radiation depends primarily on the type of beam that radiates radioactive installation. For example, for protection against alpha particles simply wear rubber gloves and a respirator or to equip a paper-screen workspace. Beta particles require a more serious approach. Their harmful effects is able to stop the glass screen or protective structure made of aluminum foil and Plexiglas. Respiratory in a similar work area must be protected by a gas mask.

The most difficult part is the effect of gamma radiation, similar action to stop and prevent the most difficult. Here comes to the rescue of a man lead. Solid panels and special clothing, equipped with lead plates securely cuts adverse effects of this type and allows a person to maintain their health in the most unexpected situations. Even if the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, with a sufficiently large level of radiation to preserve the health of rescue workers helped lead PPE. Incidentally such influence still has a number of different metals with a high mass. Effectively herein proven steel panels, made of cast iron and tungsten. From all of the above can be summed up that the benefits or dangers of certain metals is very ambiguous and depends primarily on the situation in which the raw materials are used. Along with a high risk of lead dust in their daily lives, the protective garment of this kind can save your life during a serious accident with the release of radiation into the environment.

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