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Reconstruction of Zhezkazgan plant will be completed in 2017

17 March 2014

According to data provided by the Acting General Director of «Kazakhmys» corporation Sayranom Amenovym, completion of works on the reconstruction of Zhezkazgan copper production plant held corporation, will in autumn 2017 Next S. Amen said that the initial project considered the possibility of construction of the hydrometallurgical plant and processing enterprises directly at the mine, but taking into account the need to reduce costs, it was decided to make the construction of a hydrometallurgical enterprise on the basis of the Zhezkazgan smelter. Results 2013 to carry out the work as well as prospects for 2014 were considered in the regional akimat.

Execution of the project will be conducted in two phases: the first providing for the completion of reconstruction, will be in November 2017; the second, which includes the launch of Zhezkazgan copper smelting plant on on new technologies, will be held in January and February 2018. At the same moment, «Kazakhmys» corporation implements a number of projects aimed at improving existing businesses.

According Sayran Amenova in 2013 as part of the investment program in the Karaganda region «Kazakhmys» has mastered 41 billion tenge, while more than 60% were in the Zhezkazgan region. Approximately ¼ of the investments was made in the development of existing mines, as well as in the reconstruction processing industry. S. Amen also provided data, which in January 2014 was mastered 1,6 billion tenge, in general, in 2014 is expected to increase investment by about 2% compared to last year.

Head of the region Baurzhan Abdishev said that the regional scope of the industrial production provided by Kazakhmys, is about 28%, and the company's plants about 40 thousand workers are employed in the region.

It should be recalled that before the end of the reconstruction work had been planned for 2015, but the work of Zhezkazgan copper smelting plant for the last year has been suspended by a decision of the corporation for the forced reconstruction. Studies in the field of development prospects of copper smelting capacity have shown that the melting technology in ore-smelting furnace, used in the smelter, allows for the use solely concentrate Zhezkazgan deposit, with no opportunities for processing concentrate Bozshakol and implementation of other projects. It therefore has been designed to transfer technologies used in hydrometallurgy.

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