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Construction of the eighth wonder of the world in Algeria needs a high-quality special steel

10 March 2014

After beginning in the city of Constantine, which is located in the north-eastern part of Algeria, the unique construction of the viaduct, the need of the state in the high-quality steel is particularly increased. Only on the foundation of the design plan to use more than eighteen thousand tons of raw materials such as rebar. The tender for the production of the necessary material had a local company ArcelorMittal. According to preliminary calculations, the geometrical dimensions of the finished structure are estimated at 1.2 kilometers. Therefore, to be able to withstand the considerable weight of the entire structure, the foundation of the viaduct must be sufficiently robust and reliable. During the preparatory work for the quality of all materials were presented very high demands. And steel products producer for such facilities is obliged to fit into very tight delivery times, so as not to disrupt the completion of construction works. Today, the supplier has provided builders almost fifteen thousand tons of material needed.

Constantine, who has a second name «city of bridges», is considered one of the most unusual places on the planet. After all, part of the residential area are linked by eight bridges, which seem arteries transported on urban space of the energy of human resources. New steel viaduct named Trans-Rhumel located in the center of the intersection of several roads. Already, a similar structure of many experts called the new eighth wonder of the world. This cable-stayed structure assumed vosmidesyatimetrovoy positioned at a height above sea level. As a support structure architects used two columns, struts about 130 meters high. The total width of two lanes for vehicular traffic on the bridge deck will be thirty-seven meters.

Given the not very favorable environmental conditions (the possibility of strong winds, soil erosion or earthquakes), an unusual structure requires a very responsible approach to the construction works. The whole world is looking forward to the end of a grand building and the birth of a new beautiful pearl, reflecting the beauty of the national culture and the rapid development of technical progress in Algeria. Due to the rich history and unforgettable architecture today Constantine is considered the cultural center of the state. Construction of such a unique structure as flyover Trans-Rhumel attract new groups of tourists the city and possibly become a lure for foreign investors.

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