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Chelyabinsk iron and copper production decreased, nickel and zinc rose

26 February 2014

According to the data for the previous year, provided the Chelyabinsk region, the production index decreased by 0.2% compared to pozaproshlogodnie results. In particular, decreased production of iron and copper, but the increased indices of nickel and zinc.

If we consider the metallurgical production in more detail, the production of metal and finished products decreased by 2%, decreased by 5.1% ferrous metals, steel production — by 5.6%. Indicators for the production of refined copper and iron also fell — by 6.5%.

Positive dynamics is observed in the manufacture of steel pipes — here the increase was 3.1%. On the same percentage increase of zinc smelting, nickel output rose by 21%. It is hoped that in 2014 the situation will improve.

Decreased and net profit of the largest South Korean company «POSCO», in spite of the occupied 5th place in steel production — indices fell by 44% last year, reaching 1.38 trillion. out, deceived the expectations of experts, predicted that 1.74 trln.von. As for operating income, it decreased by 18% in 2013, reaching 2.99 trln.von. Indicators for the IV quarter of last year were also lower than expected, among the reasons that have had a negative impact on the result, can be called a decrease in demand for the company's products and the strengthening of the South Korean won.

At 2.7% it decreased in the past year, and the annual revenue of the company, amounting to 61.9 trillion. out, despite the fact that the October forecast «POSCO» was 63 trln.von. As a representative of the company said, the cost of production «POSCO» decreased on average in excess of an average of 100 thousand won per tonne, compared with 2012, amounting to 776,000 won.

Nevertheless, the company «POSCO» hopes to increase revenue this year, predicting performance in 65.3 trln.von. Revenue growth, in turn, be able to improve profit performance. The company also expects a gradual recovery of the cost of steel in China, predicting the beginning of the process at the beginning of the first quarter of 2014. Analysts forecast an average price of iron ore this year will be between 125 to 130 dollars per ton, the price for coking coal will be from 145 to 150 dollars per ton. Also «POSCO» plans to increase steel production to 37.7 million tons, while last year it was the amount of 36.4 million tons.

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