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The increase in nickel prices has affected the stock market stability

19 February 2014

Russian stock market today is a raging stream, which is constantly in a fever and turns in one direction and then in another direction. Some analysts say such things turbulence zone, which overcomes the organization in light of the large flow of information supplied on a daily basis and constantly changing trends in the metals market. His contribution to the growth of the nervous situation made the price and demand for nickel. After a long decline in this area there has been some progress, it did not fail to affect the value of shares and other securities of mining complexes. So share the famous giant in the nickel industry, entitled «Norilsk Nickel» Only in the past week rose by nearly five percent. Such a rapid rise and perky not gone unnoticed by the workers of the stock market.

The growth of the enterprise value of the assets directly linked to an increase in the market value of nickel concentrate. In turn, continuing the logical chain it can be noted that the price boom in the compartment provoked Indonesia. After the introduction of the state according to a strict ban on the export of raw ore, this material prices became feverish. After all, Indonesia today is virtually the largest exporter of nickel in the context of the entire world community. Therefore, changes in its policy immediately reflected on the state of the entire steel industry. Considerable influence on the beginning of the stock market turmoil has had and the lack of peace and stability in the western industrial compartment. In particular the decline in activity of the US stock market and its British ally intensified volatility of the Russian market. After all, these domestic structures are nothing more than a sponge that can soak up all the trends, both in the remote and in the near abroad.

However, everything bad is the fraction of a good start, and fever Stock reasonably gives rise to additional activity in some market segments and does not install on a commercial expanse complete calm. The increase in nickel prices, of course, inspired by the development of the metallurgical enterprises, mining non-ferrous metals, predicting them to increase profits and capacity growth. The main thing that volatility and turmoil in the market structure is not increased to a critical level, which will not be adjusted in the desired direction and kept under strict control.

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