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An alloy of nickel and titanium has become the foundation of a new heating system

18 February 2014

The unique properties of nickel has long been adopted by modern industry. Thanks to its performance, this raw material is widely used in thermal and energy sector. After all, the good corrosion resistance against such a material has the ability to withstand significant thermal overload not only permanent, but also of variable nature. Now mainly nickel filler is an integral part of most steels and special purpose stainless steel type. By the way the low density of the material makes the weight of the assembly is sufficiently small, which is very useful in the manufacture of mobile type installations. Despite the high performance, pure nickel strength is poor. Compensate for the lack of help in the destruction of a combination of resistant material with a strong and solid titanium addition. It is this part of the nickel-based and titanium has become the foundation of a new heating system, which the company unveiled its fans Eberspacher on the eve of the onset of frosty winter days.

System name is very poetic, because Hydronic 2 Comfort phrase gives a flight of fancy, and gives birth to dreams of warmth and comfort of home. Full autonomy of the device from the stationary power supply is an additional advantage in the use of design. The basis of such discoveries laid the thermal management of the hydraulic type. High performance and reliability even in extreme cold has won the trust of consumers. With a special design such a device can warm the cold and icy car windows several times faster than any other similar device. By the way the new heating system is not strictly limited by the scope of it is able to distribute the heat just as wish the owner of the vehicle. Easy to use and easy to use systems made by Eberspacher is able to provide maximum comfort during the heating saloon and other structural parts of the car before the start of the trip. To activate the autonomous element is heated just enough to press the button and the unit will work on its own, providing the car owner warmth and comfort.

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