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Brass products in the interior

6 January 2014

The interior design products made of brass were present in varying degrees ever, but now the metal is experiencing a real boom in its popularity. Most often it occurs in the form brass accessories such as candlesticks, figurines and other small items. Use the metal and in the kitchen and in the bathroom. For example, the beautiful and practical faucets are made of brass. From this metal plumbing fittings is often made — handles on bathroom furniture, mirror frames, various stands and so on.

Brass is an alloy of iron, its base is copper. Therefore, brass is often used as a worthy replacement noble copper. But Brass has several advantages over copper. It is more practical because it has greater pliability. It is also easier to polish the brass. Although brass that is made of copper, it has a different hue. But brass as impressive and expensive overcame. This emphasis has always attract the attention of visitors and will continue to please the masters of their thoroughness.

Brass products help to arrange interiors in various styles, especially classical. But also for other areas of brass would be appropriate if the details of it to pick up competently. For example, the interior in the spirit of minimalism should not choose mixers with flowery patterns, and it is better to confine sleek devices. Good and wrought-iron furniture, for the manufacture of brass which is used instead of the usual metals. Brass is much lighter in weight. Forged brass furniture looks elegant and reliable, but it can be moved or tranportirovat without problems. It may be small pieces of furniture, such as a coffee table or a shelf, and there may be a solid, such as a bed with filigree headboard.

Incredibly beautiful and effects of brass lamps. This is not only a huge mnogorozhkovye chandeliers in old style, but also a variety of floor lamps to patterned legs, wall lamps — sconces, table lamps and others. The most harmonious interior looks, if all the metal elements in it are made of one type of metal and have the same color. However, any rules, including this, there may be exceptions, because there are free and not bound to the conventions of style of interior design as boho, fusion, kitsch, eclectic and others. So the space for imagination is very wide.

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