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A new magnesium production method that dramatically expand the scope of its application

31 December 2013

Despite the fact that high-strength magnesium products largely easier analogs made from steel submitted to metal prices are still high enough. Fortunately, this situation may soon change dramatically.

For Northwest National Department of Energy Laboratory (USA), led by Pete Makgreylom, will soon present a new magnesium production method — incredibly light metal, often used in aviation, mechanical engineering and is able to significantly reduce the original weight of the vehicle in the conditions of preservation their former strength characteristics. It is difficult not to agree that the problem is of paramount importance.

This is because the material presented is inherent in a number of important advantages. But due to weighty financial and energy costs of its production, magnesium is much more expensive than steel. Solely for this reason, it is used not so widely.

In addition, its production in the most developed countries are not always competitive in relation to the process of producing magnesium in China as coal and electricity in the People's Republic of China is much cheaper. This is evidenced by the statistics, if the United States (1995-th year) accounted for about 45% of the world production of magnesium, it is already today the figure is only a 7-NIL% and almost on par with that in Russia, ranked third in the world.

The most interesting is that the key element of the new process is the use of a catalyst, developed on the basis of titanium. Whereby the production of magnesium can be carried out at a temperature that 300 °, rather than the 900 ° T as it was originally. So presented to your attention the method substantially reduces energy consumption of the entire production cycle. It is important that as the main raw materials for this type of reaction may act as minerals and ordinary sea water, which contains a sufficient amount of metal.

Let this process is now practiced in laboratories, but after some time on the basis of its plan to launch pilot production of a larger scale. It is possible that such a significant reduction in energy costs for the manufacture of the metal, will reduce its price on the world market.

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