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Unique automotive aluminum not only

16 December 2013

The use of aluminum in the automotive complex is quite a long history. To explain this popularity is worth remembering what a raw aluminum. This material is by nature the best protection products from all types of corrosion. After all, with a negative impact on the surrounding surface of the metal oxide appears reliable safety nature film. If we add to this property almost inexhaustible reserves of aluminum and its low specific weight, it becomes clear this popular material. After all the aluminum parts of the body or important structural components of the vehicle make model of the car lighter and more mobile. This transformation allows for the same engine power to develop great speed for a short time interval.

However, a significant drawback of this raw material is its low tensile strength. Therefore pure material is rarely used. Much more often used in the automotive industry an important element alloys with other more durable materials, able to cement structure. Number of aluminum alloys group is sufficiently large. Interestingly, some compounds of this type after quenching can acquire strength in no way inferior to the similar figure was an average degree of doping. Another property of such materials is its good resistance to high temperatures. This option allows the use of aluminum for the manufacture of car parts, exposed in the process of significant heat. Previously, such semi-finished products used only for the manufacture of internal filling of transport, but now even the body or trim light silver color no surprise. It is surprising that the chemical element like substance is much more active than iron. Well pulverized powder of pure alumina can act as a powerful explosive component. However, when monolithic construction material has good stability and corrosion resistance. If the classic iron body sooner or later is sure to corrode rust, something like aluminum product is capable of protecting itself a solid oxide film. Some car companies see the unusual property of the material the enormous potential for the development of mechanical engineering and the automotive industry.

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