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Potential non-ferrous metallurgy of Donbass

16 December 2013

The only region able to reliably ensure the entire country non-ferrous metals and raw materials such as lead and mercury for Ukraine is Donbas. This region is famous for its no wonder production capacity in the steel sector. There are well established production of many kinds of rare earth metals and precious raw materials, as well as the classic rolling, both general and special purpose. However, it should be noted that the low level of industrial equipment of enterprises of Ukraine has led to the crisis in the steel sector. This situation smelters facing economic disaster not only a particular region, but the entire state as a whole. Konstantinovka and Alchevsk, Donetsk and Artemovsk, as well as many other towns and villages of Donbass allow timely manner to fill state coffers and to ensure uninterrupted payment of salaries and pensions to residents of Ukraine.

The strategic importance of the region, no one doubts. The development of metallurgical enterprises is accompanied by very close scrutiny not only by the public administration, but also in the context of the whole world. Over the decades, companies in the region have been a lot of ups and downs, but kept its banner leader and trusted manufacturers. To date Kostiantynivka produces high quality branded lead. Donetsk ramping up production capacity in manufacturing babbitt and various solders. Artemovsk produces more than 1000 types of alloys based on zinc, nickel and copper base. Thanks to this huge range of enterprise recognized as a leader not only in his own country, but also in neighboring countries. Incidentally Donbass has a number of unique companies in its field, which can be proud of. So plant in Torez, is practically the only manufacturer for all CIS countries a whole range of surfacing materials and compositions for the deposition of an important structural parts of the process equipment. The great scientific and technological base allows the combine to continuously improve the production and updating its product range. All the above facts suggest Donbass center and the heart of the country, because of its wellbeing fully depends decent life all powers.

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