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Beer - silicon source

18 December 2013

About the dangers and benefits of beer for a long time, scientists argue. However, many scientific minds agree that this intoxicating drink made from malt may be one of the main income sources of silicon in the human body. The group of British researchers experimentally determined that the presence of silicon in bone tissue contributes to the renewal and strengthening the musculoskeletal system. If the youth silicon content of bones raises no objections, the age male population of the planet begins to feel an acute shortage of essential building materials. Daily consumption of a glass of beer can top up a valuable reserve. After all, two hundred grams of raw materials of beer contains about twenty milligrams of silicon, which compensates for the fifth part of the daily adequate standards.

Theory of British scientists supported the Harvard Science Society. Beer is not only harmful to the body, but also can become an effective antidote against the formation of blood clots. Contrary to popular belief that all alcoholic drinks are harmful, beer can protect even a heart attack. For insurance against blood clots and blockage of blood vessels important to consume enough just a couple of cups of dark foamy elixir from time to time.

In addition, beer intoxicating potion perfectly balanced. The alcohol component is not as great as in many other alcoholic beverages. Such a reasonable dose helps dissolve cholesterol plaques and overall improvement of the human body. It is important to comply with the measure and use the potential of the beer for the benefit of themselves and their health, and not to turn the drug in most real harm to loved ones and others. Moderate consumption of beer helps launch hidden in our bodies natural healing mechanisms in common. Also unusual means can be very effective for the prevention of heart attack and stroke, or other heart disease. Ability beer medications to normalize the blood pressure is very useful for hypertensive patients. However, it is important to note that all the above is true only for small doses of the substance. Irrepressible and uncontrolled use of such a foam substance contrary to quickly destroy the normal functioning and lead to the development of a large number of ailments. Therefore, the principle of the golden mean in this case is highly relevant.

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