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Problems of development of Voronezh nickel deposits

25 December 2013

Industrial holding «UMMC» confidently disputes at the government level as possible development of nickel deposits in Voronezh. As explained by the responsible person of the enterprise, the request to delay the development of a year coming from local activists who have expressed their summer radical protest, completely defeating the temporary settlement of geologists. In addition, the experts came to the unequivocal conclusion that the extra year is badly needed and by explorers, as only this time you can make a final decision about the advisability of investing in this production. After all, the modern world nickel prices are very low.

Ministry of Nature and Rosnedra approved the planned transfer of development time on Elkinskom and Elanskaya fields. The corresponding document after a series of amendments and addenda signed and sent as a recommended offer to Deputy Prime Minister. Experts predict that these fields belong to the categories P1 and P2, and thus can bring their owners are not only nickel, but also copper and cobalt. As it is necessary to build the mine and its equipment fully equip the preliminary assessment of the planned work will cost 70−100 billion, deposits of the opening. Under ideal conditions, intelligence has to complete its work by 2016 and then, until 2019.

Ore production is scheduled for 2022, and already in 2025 production should reach the planned volumes of 300 thousand tons per year. Therefore, as noted by those responsible, despite the violent protests, the development of Voronezh deposits will begin in the near future. And won a year will «UMMC» make all the necessary calculations and conclusions, for example, whether there is an objective need to invest in this project. Since the current situation, which this year was at the metallurgical market, the prospects do not look particularly interesting. If the nickel price will remain at the same level, the development of these deposits will be recognized as an economic loser.

The only hope «UMMC» is the forecast of economists in 2014−2015, in which the nickel price will rise by 3−5%. This, of course, a little, and for a full return on the production of metal is necessary to raise the market value by 7−9%. The price level is expected to reach 20−22 thousand dollars per ton of raw material. And up to this point all calculations can be considered a very, very conditional.

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