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Titanium - the cause of economic growth in the Sverdlovsk Region

29 December 2013

Once visiting the world's largest plant for the production of titanium, Vladimir Putin publicly announced the establishment of a special economic zone, hereinafter referred to as «Titanium Valley». The proposed project will allow Russia to secure a leading position in the manufacture of strategic material and contribute to the development of a number of important sectors of the economy.

Today «Titanium Valley» — a collaboration of domestic enterprises «VSMPO-Avisma» (Russia) and the Aerospace Corporation «Boeing Ural Manufacturing» (USA). Mentioned earlier the Russian corporation is engaged in manufacturing of titanium sponge, as well as all kinds of semi-finished products of all kinds of titanium alloys and at this point in time is the largest supplier of components for international aircraft companies — «Airbus» and «Boeing».

The corporation totally rely on the fact that the rate on the titanium entirely justified. So, according to forecasts there VSMPO titanium consumption growth in the aerospace industry for 5-Th% (in quantitative terms — is 85-thousand tons). That's because the new composite airliners instead of 2 tonnes will require as much as twenty tons of titanium. But interestingly, this material can easily find good use in other areas, such can easily be shipbuilding, nuclear industry, non-transport engineering and medicine.

Such promising prospects are already forced to think about the major expansion of the raw material base. Traditional supplier is Ukraine, but recently also purchased ilmenite in Sri Lanka.

The remarkable fact that «Titanium Valley» requires mechanical engineers, manufacturers of building materials and innovative company, as the territory of the special economic zone is planned to accommodate up to 50 large-scale enterprises.

With the support of the regional government, in the territory of «Titanium Valley» is planned to organize a joint venture with the Japanese company «Mitsubishi» for the production of appropriate equipment for plants that burn trash. By 2016, the ninth year is also planned to create an exhibition center, a business incubator, a training center and, of course, a residential village. In short, the «Titanium Valley» will be the main instrument for the modernization of the Ural industrial sector.

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