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The new system of gas purification at the aluminum plant in Novokuznetsk

3 December 2013

Reliable and modern security system that can minimize the harmful effects of technological processes for the production of aluminum for the environment has always been known for in some circles called metallurgical giant RUSAL in the first place. Therefore, the implementation of the project for the introduction of the new gas treatment facilities at one of the companies of the group, in the city of Novokuznetsk became quite natural event. This upgrade will provide relief emissions manufacturing products on a second industrial site of the plant of the subsidiary.

The cost of such modernization the most conservative estimate is estimated at no less than one hundred and twenty million Russian rubles. However, the price of such an important and necessary facilities do not go to any comparison with the favorable environmental conditions and preserve the health of the population living in the areas adjacent to the aluminum plant areas. Eleven million for the implementation of such initiatives have been reinvested in the gas system in accordance with the protocol signed by UN member states in the framework agreement on climate change. Obtaining such financing leader of the aluminum industry, RUSAL is obliged to own important work in the field of reducing emissions from their enterprises, which contribute to the greenhouse effect. In particular appreciation in the art earned change process on Novokuznetsky plant due to the increase and decrease of the current output frequency, and time duration of the anode effect.

The new treatment plant is able to capture up to ninety-nine percent of all emissions. The new generation of cleaning equipment, dry-type displays combine a new round of development, ensuring it is almost waste-free production process. Replacement of water and baking soda (which was previously used as an absorbent substance) alumina, which is actively used for waste bundles into a new complex of protective equipment, will allow eventually destroy the slurry mound.

RUSAL Group plans to further continue the fight for the preservation of a clean and fresh air for future generations, even in important industrial regions of our country. In the near future it will launch another similar project for the sealing receivers and fusing device to another enterprise of aluminum giant, which will significantly reduce emissions of harmful resins in the manufacture of anode paste.

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