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Tin deficiency will lead to higher prices for the metals market

4 December 2013

Recently, tin due to the increased popularity and continued growth in consumer demand for it has increased significantly in price. According to an independent analytical agency with Bloomberg called it the light silvery metal has become a leader in the growth of the cost of the London Metal Exchange. Today, the price of an important constructive and technological product amounted to forty thousand US dollars per ton. Such a transformation of the tin market is obliged to fast growth of demand and the availability of supply shortage in this area.

On assurances of one of the largest producers of these raw materials — Malaysia this trend will continue for the next few years, so invest finances in an increase in production capacity it is now quite profitable. With the constant increase in demand in the size of the current period, the construction of new production facilities for the extraction and processing of tin concentrate will not be able to change the balance, since the implementation of such projects is quite long-term. Further compounding the situation of deterioration of the feedstock for the production of high-quality and pure tin alloy. Because the quality of the original material characteristics affect the final product. Who really good tin becomes a rarity.

A couple of years ago on this market segment began active growth, which marked the end of a prolonged recession, which lasted long enough. Already in 2010 a similar raw materials increased in price more than half, and reached its maximum price for practically the entire history of tin production. The reason for this change began to supply disruptions, which provoked upheavals and natural disasters in Indonesia — a country which is one of the largest suppliers of tin in the world. They participate in the heat of passion and African countries, along with China, where the demand for tin production increased significantly. According to analysts this situation in the commodities markets will continue in the near future and the price of an important structural prefabricated may further increase. A little to stabilize the process and reduce the shortage of tin supply will increase with Morocco or Russia, where for a long time and successfully conducted active mining of this material, as demanded for most industrial sectors, and on the domestic consumer level.

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