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Magnesium Health

2 December 2013

In today's world of magnesium not only has an active commercial use, but also quite often used for medical purposes. After various magnesium compounds are beneficial to many important systems of the human body. Since the oxide or salt of the chemical element used for the manufacture of drugs for the treatment of the musculoskeletal system as well as nervous or cardiovascular department. The special properties of these substances contribute to the rehabilitation of patients after complex medical manipulations and restore the normal operation of certain internal organs.

Connection type MgSO 4 · 7H 2 O, known in common called «Epsom salts» has an excellent laxative effect on the gastrointestinal tract and normalizes the digestive system. Incidentally, the tool has several major applications. Along with the oral administration of such a drug can be administered to a patient intravenously and intramuscularly. When injecting revenue magnesium compound is an effective anticonvulsant medication and can relieve spasms of various origins.

Another kind of the magnesium composition — magnesia copes with high acidity. If a patient of heartburn, the tool is able to quickly stabilize its condition and cause the stomach to normal operation. magnesium peroxide is known for its antibacterial properties, anti-inflammatory and disinfectant nature.

It is also an important chemical substance is a part of many natural enzymes involved in the metabolic and regenerative processes. Such compounds are not only govern operation of some of the internal organs and even cell regeneration nervous system tissue and its ductility. Experiments involving laboratory animals showed a significant role in the compounds magnesium sulphate sacrificial function of the nervous system. This material was introduced half an hour before a serious breach of brain activity in laboratory animals modeled by artificial means, can stop an attack of nervous disorder at the beginning. Low content of such an important element in the water in some areas contributes to a more frequent occurrence in the population of these territories stroke. Given the positive impact on the very important function of the human body, magnesium and its compounds are used quite actively in the development of new drugs and preventive medicines against various diseases.

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