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As silicon is associated with a possible Martian life?

27 November 2013

The international scientific community has concluded that the existence of such a planet like Mars silicon deposits may indicate the presence on the territory of any form of life. Deposits of such material on one of the solar system planets belonging could be formed at a time when very hot water in liquid or vapor state has leaked through the surface layer of the cortex. In the presence of such traces of hydrothermal nature in some regions close to the Earth are usually present life forms, and the silicon residues frequently contain fossils of ancient pieces of frozen organisms. If such a pattern projected on Mars, it is possible to infer the presence of living organisms on a distant unknown planet.

The deposits of silicon Martian rocks are spread at least fifty meters into the planet's surface, the material is characterized by high purity (about 90 percent). Therefore, scientists concluded that the formation of the raw materials required flow a large amount of water. As a research unit that was sent to space travel, are not equipped with the appropriate equipment, the science for sure, it is not known whether there is a silicon deposits remains of ancient civilizations or in general any form of life. However, given the fact that once there was present a very large volume of water mass, which favors the development of a variety of organisms, the assumption of the existence of life forms is highly likely.

However, not all researchers share this optimism. Some scientific minds by examining Martian canyons and comparing them with similar reliefs of the Earth, have come to the opposite conclusion. These communities believe that the canyons on Mars are due to the rapid flooding of a single type, rather than a constant circulation of life and stationary reservoirs. If this assumption is true, the climate on Mars is hardly ever possessed to the emergence of life forms. After all, most likely high humidity and warm ambient temperature and if there were, it is not preserved in the Martian soil for a long time required for the development of life forms. Which hypothesis to believe and how to support the theory depends on the personal tastes of each inhabitant, and who was right, in fact, be able to judge the only time.

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