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The value of the monument to the leader of the revolution depends on the fluctuations in the price of copper and tin

9 December 2013

Many of the monuments are of value in the historical sense, are public property in direct financial terms. For example, a monument to the leader of the revolution, Lenin known to all students, it is worth quite a lot. After all, the average of the monument weighs about seven tons. The bronze, which was the raw material for the creation of this masterpiece, there is a tin and copper, and materials data rates have increased significantly in recent years. Therefore, the value of the material base for the creation of a work of art is in the range of fifty-five thousand US dollars. Given the large number of such compositions, almost in the open air, are today, at least seventy-five million US dollars. The value of the monuments to the leader of the revolution can provide significant support to the state foreign exchange reserves. Therefore, the deputies proposed a valuable asset in the gold reserves of Ukraine and to use original content currency to repay external debts.

However, the management team of the bank «Khreschatyk», doubts that such a decision would greatly benefit the country's position. After bronze at a price significantly different from the value of the classical precious metals. But members of the party under the name of «Motherland» continue to promote the relevant law. Motivation active party members is very clear. By the end of the current year of the gold content of the fund reached a record low. Now this figure is estimated at about twenty million dollars. Moreover, considering the debt for energy supply and threatening to bankrupt the communal area of ​​the state, waste is unacceptable. So any opportunity to fill the coffers are welcomed and encouraged. A historical monuments — the limit that will for some time to maintain a balance between the revenues to the treasury and the consumption of scarce resources.

This proposal raises questions, in spite of the irritation of the total composition of the deputies is possible in this kind of initiative, there are still sensible grain. Given the long and far from light and clean history of the Communist Party headed by the leader of the proletariat, you may want to pass the historical monuments in the national Monetary Fund on non-ferrous scrap value. However, on the other hand, any self-respecting government values ​​its history and stores these values ​​in the edification of posterity, and not selling them from the tray.

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