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The increase in the European market of ferrosilicon, due to lower shipments

11 November 2013

Independent Source Metal-Pages said growth market segment filled with ferrosilicon. This phenomenon is explained simply enough, provoked an unprecedented level of profit reduction of deliveries an important strategic material. Increased export demand supply of raw materials in the US The United States gave rise to increases in material prices and boosted the vigorous activity of intermediaries. Also limit proposals in this area has become a springboard for sustained consumer demand for products in this sector, as is well known demand in the first place and adjust product prices.

Market sentiment is different enviable optimism, because the depletion of ferrosilicon enterprises producing and steel-making plants focus will contribute to further increase in the price of the final product. This segment of the market will remain in the near future, quite calm and the assurances of experts, because small volumes of transactions on purchase and sale of ferrosilicon is constantly fueled by relatively high demand for scarce raw materials. After some slowdown this summer to mid-autumn European trade ferrosilicon is gaining momentum and is gradually gaining strength.

Substantial support for the European Union trade in such materials was the restriction of the supply of an important technological and structural product imported. This alloy is in some way determines the direction of the development of European industry as part of an important component in a number of electrotechnical steels as well as widely used in the production of spring steel products. Therefore, an even greater increase in the deficit of this product can reduce the production capacity of some enterprises using ferroalloy in its production.

For comparison, the Russian suppliers of ferrosilicon in the first six months of this year reduced the production of this product by almost thirty percent and continue to develop this trend. Despite the decline in volumes of trade in raw materials as demand still brings the most significant contribution to the content of the national budget of the American currency. For export operations of Lugansk plant in this area accounted for more than a few billion dollars.

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