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Potassium permanganate fell into the category of drugs

12 November 2013

Ukraine has made potassium permanganate, which until recently was available in virtually every home and was considered an effective anti-inflammatory agent in the category of drugs. Now, for the import to Ukraine of a guest country funds can go directly to the station or airport to the dock.

Amendments to the Law of the Ukrainian state has determined transport regulations, as well as the purchase and storage of a substance called potassium permanganate by applicable law, extend to acts with psychotropic and narcotic substances. Since ignorance of the law is no excuse for their violation, border guards some friendly neighboring countries (eg, Belarus) are explanatory work with someone who is going to visit Ukraine. For cross-border transportation of ordinary manganese may well qualify as the smuggling of narcotic drugs.

Also, the Belarusian border guards have warned their citizens about the need to politically correct behavior during visits abroad homeland and strict compliance with all laws of a foreign country. Border Committee appealed to all citizens to better understand the customs and laws of the country especially, before enter into it.

In Russia, the situation with potassium permanganate is somewhat different. This tool is classified as a drug that can be used in the synthesis of drugs. Therefore, this substance is strictly controlled trade relevant supervisory bodies and public services. Although the Russian drugstores like tool and is available, but it may be released only if the prescription form from the attending physician. Such innovations are due to the difficult situation in the field of drug trafficking in the countries of the former post-Soviet space. the number of people dependent on various drugs with narcotic effect is growing every year and the death rate from such a terrible disease younger. Therefore, management of these countries are ready to take the most severe measures to stop the spread of a kind of a plague of the modern world in their territories. Strict control of all drugs that have direct relevance to the scourge of narcotic and evil genius of our age — an important step in this direction.

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