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Contact the excess copper in the human body with senile marasmus

25 November 2013

It's no secret that the human body contains a complete table of the chemical elements in a somewhat reduced form. After all, we present in almost all of the oxygen, hydrogen, and silicon to copper, tin or lead. It is important to maintain a careful balance of all the components and then to our health and longevity were not in danger. However, the violation of this balance and deviation from the norm in the content of a single ingredient can disrupt the normal functioning of the whole cycle and trigger the development of the serious disease.

So the excess copper component of active influence on the deterioration of brain function and can trigger the development of Alzheimer's disease or senile ordinary, as it is called colloquially like illness. For example, in studies conducted in the UK, a group of scientists from Rochester, managed to find out that the increased incidence of such disease elderly residents of the region is directly related to an excess of copper in their bodies.

High concentrations of copper content provokes the formation of amyloid plaque type, which are inherent to the disease. Moreover, at a constant presence of copper in diet or water, as well as the ambient air, it can accumulate in the tissues of the brain, which will rise to precondition senility. During normal activity such chemical element is mainly concentrated in the bone and muscle tissue as well as liquid blood, kidney or liver, and various brain regions. In small quantities of the substance is simply indispensable for these authorities and a lack of efficiency can lead to disruption of the smooth and balanced operation of the entire human body.

In this context, it is useful to remember about the golden mean, which is the highest good in all areas of our lives. Maintaining the natural balance and avoid a glut and scarcity of formation of an important element, we can secure the health and longevity. After all, nature has taken care of the formation of the most preferred bonds, we need only maintain an amazing structure called the human body, time lubricating and scrolling in the right direction all the gears.

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