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Lethal tattoo based on cobalt and mercury

26 November 2013

Popular and original tattoos that have become part of our modern life and become a sign of a special style and charm can be very hazardous to health and become a time bomb, which is gradually poisoning our internal organs, sooner or later will trigger the development of quite dangerous and serious diseases.

Few of the young people who dared to put on his body liked drawing reflect the composition of the colors, which are able to reproduce the beautiful image on the skin. For dangerous substances in the special dye ink for tattoos can get into the blood and deposited in the liver, spleen and other internal organs. With the accumulation of a dangerous toxin normal operation of vital systems of the human body is irrevocably broken and the functioning of internal organs paralyzed. After extensive research scientists have found that many dyestuffs contain a set of carcinogenic components, even including cobalt and mercury. After the publication of the well-known presence in the red ink composition of mercury component was significantly indicated in the UK benefits for such industries. Blue and green colors are rich in cobalt content.

Due to the absence of a law regulating the quality of the ink component in the industry of tattoos one can not limit the salon owners in the choice of a particular type of dyes. Although it is worth noting further that hazardous and toxic inks are used not in all such institutions. With the application of more graphics toxic particles can accumulate and gradually provoke the development of cancer.

An independent study of the famous scientist from Copenhagen showed that toxic substances, which increase the risk of growth of malignant tumors, comprise two-thirds of the ink used in tattooing parlors. This figure is quite impressive and raises serious fear of such cosmetic procedures. So before you blindly follow fashion trends and new styles is worth considering whether not have to pay for original and unusual decoration of your health. It is not always the end justifies the means, and in this situation the opportunity to shine in front of friends the modern picture can turn into a real tragedy, which may not be able to fix at all.

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