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Nickel sport

20 November 2013

Social life, «Norilsk Nickel», a large enterprise for the production of nickel, zinc, lead and other heavy metals is not restricted to industry interests. In the sphere of influence and investment one of the leaders of the Russian economy falls as the social sphere, as well as the interests of the sport management team of the company.

The sum of nearly 336 million US dollars, the company is ready to invest in new projects of the Olympic Games. The main initiators of these investments were two significant shareholder of the group — Vladimir Potanin and Oleg Deripaska. Most involved in this way will go to finance the construction needs. Subsidiaries owned by shareholders — the initiators of the company under the Olympic banner involved in the construction of the International Olympic University and the hotel with him. The volume of the hotel complex includes three hundred fifty comfortable rooms and a lot of buildings of economic purpose. Also, the amount allocated nickel giant, will build the Olympic village in the Imereti lowland.

Direct plant management explains the sports-oriented policies of the big significance of this level of competition for the entire world community. Also, the basis for this decision was the social obligations of the new composition of the co-owners of enterprises for processing and production of semi-finished nickel. The project was approved and supported by certain circles of influential people, although a little earlier, some undertakings in support of their shareholders' funds plant cost the company a high-profile and large-scale scandals.

Attachments large mining mining complex in the various spheres of social life, from sports and scientific research to landscaping parks and forestland are large enough. Perhaps this part of the company's activity is an attempt to somehow compensate for the enormous harm that causes the production of nickel, both the environment and the indigenous people living in territorial proximity to the array of technology companies. Despite the powerful treatment plants and continuous improvement of the production process, the extraction of nickel and similar metals is one of the most dangerous and hazardous industries in the world.

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