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New steel structure of special purpose for the modern helicopters

4 November 2013

Chelyabinsk metallurgical enterprises, as part of the group «Mechel» quite successfully implemented the order for the holding company specializing in the production of helicopters. The subject of the order was the development of a new special-purpose steel with a set of high-strength and corrosion-resistant characteristics. This material concern «Helicopters of Russia» intends to use for the manufacture of highly responsible parts of helicopter components and mechanisms. For the first time a new generation of steel is scheduled to try the design of modern mobile and aircraft grade Ka-226T. This lightweight and versatile vehicle on the assurances of the developer can be used in a variety of situations, from the provision of private and corporate flights, before the implementation of important operations of special purpose or work of rescue teams.

As this machine meets the high requirements of environmental and consumer safety, then to raw materials for its production the customer very high requirements. After the preliminary process testing prototype material for helicopter developed scientific and engineering staff of the Chelyabinsk plant, was approved for use, and in the near future will be produced on an industrial scale. Also special steel from Chelyabinsk will be used in the manufacture of a new combat vehicle reconnaissance and impact nature of the «Alligator», the Ka-52 models. This helicopter is the clear leader in its class, because its production uses the latest advances like aviation and weapons, with the use of modern high-quality composites. Therefore, requirements for raw materials for the manufacture of the most advanced air combat machinery, both in terms of security and in the area of ​​durability and manufacturability must comply with the high class products.

Guide leader of the Russian helicopter industry appreciated the partnership with Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant and noted the future prospects of strengthening relations between the parties. Also, further dedicated work of all employees has been noted, which will perform an important order for the defense value of public services without disruption and surprises just in due time.

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