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Mikhail Voevodin told about the plans of the titanium corporation

29 October 2013

Recently, Mikhail Voevodin, served as CEO of the corporation «VSMPO-Avisma», gave an interview to journalists in which he spoke about his vision of the state of the global titanium market as a whole, as well as outlined the strategic path of development of the enterprise.

According to the head «Avisma», today the world market for industrial titanium and did not leave the pre-crisis level, and apparently much of its growth in the near future is not expected (mean instability of the Chinese economy and the global economic downturn). At the same time, the world market of aerospace titanium, which is 40% of the total consumption of this resource, there is a stable and intensive growth. «This market is aerospace titanium is the most important for the» VSMPO-Avisma «, because the company covers more than half of the world demand in this segment of operators in the» winged «metal. Especially intensive growth in this direction is observed on the Russian and CIS market «- commented on this occasion Mr. Voevodin.

The head of the titanium corporation assured reporters that «VSMPO-Avisma» intends to develop intensively. In particular, the company plans to get 35% of the global titanium market. Management expects the Russian monopoly to bypass competitors such as US companies «RTI», «ATI», «Timet», forging plants in Europe, the Japanese corporation «Osaka Titanium» and «Toho Titanium», as well as a number of Chinese manufacturers. «In order to achieve the goals we need, first of all, to extend the range of products, including high-tech position with a deep degree of processing» — commented on his plans to Mikhail Voevodin. «New partners, we plan to look for in the field of medicine, weapons, sports, transport, oil and gas production and consumer goods. Despite the fact that the share of each of these markets are not large, they are stable and show strong growth over the past few years, «- said a top manager of the company. «For example, before 2010," VSMPO-Avisma «did not cooperate with the representatives of the healthcare industry, and in 2012 the share of the corporation in this market was 23%," — illustrated the potential of this segment of the general director of «Avisma».

According to representatives of VSMPO, generally in the range of the company's current share of downstream products is 60%, and this figure is constantly growing. By the end of this year, the company's management plans to make an investment infusion of $ 8 billion. Rubles, which will focus on large-scale modernization and reconstruction of production (for the organization of market stability). «In contrast, investment in recent years, directed at building capacity, these funds will go to the introduction of high-tech» — promise to the leaders of the titanium corporation.

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