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Pricing policy in the field of metal products Yusco ensured stability in the market of stainless steel products in the near future

5 November 2013

Contrary to forecasts by market experts of steel, the main producer of the material in Taiwan — Yusco Corporation became not raise the price of their products. The prerequisites for the growth of the cost was not only a rise in price of raw materials and the related fact that the growth of material costs. In some ways, change the pricing policy in this area could contribute to the increased demand for stainless materials.

However, the Taiwanese leadership metal group examined the problem from a different perspective. The accumulation of reserves in stainless steel consumers could provoke a refusal to buy the products of the manufacturer at an inflated price. An important strategic decision to the administrative board of one of the indisputable leaders in the production of determined stability in the stainless steel market, not only in the last quarter of the year, but in the beginning of the next.

The current situation on the metal market is quite natural, and fits well with the strategic plan of the Taiwanese manufacturer of stainless products. It was not so long ago in the middle of summer this year, the trade mark has reduced the prices of its semi-finished products intended for export to other countries.

By the end of December, according to tradition, traced over the past few years, stainless steel market picks up as a year's supply of intermediaries coming to an end, consumer demand for an important structural and process material on the other hand is growing, so the beginning of the first quarter of 2014 may be some increase in material prices. Also, the price increase contributes to raising the cost of nickel, which is as an alloying component comes in many grades of stainless semis.

Through directed the company's strategy and the work in the future in accordance with the new trends of the metal segments of the market leading Yusco position in the sector remain unchanged for a long time. Introduction of the latest achievements of scientific and technological progress and a responsible approach to the quality indicators of the products have become a guarantee of trust of the trade mark by a large number of loyal consumers. However, raw material prices continued growth can lead to a complete failure of all the efforts of Taiwanese steelmakers and lead to an imbalance of value in this market sector.

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