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Active production of industrial raw materials incompatible with life

19 November 2013

A recent independent study has traced a direct link between the intensity of production of some heavy metals and industrial morbidity indigenous population of the region. The studies were conducted in the context of the international community and allowed to identify the ten most polluted cities are in the race for economic profits for the benefit of its powers sacrificed the health and welfare of human resources. By the way, well-known around the world is a tragedy in Chernobyl, only eighth in this list. So what are some industrial processes can be much worse than an atomic explosion.

Tenth position rankings for air pollution and mortality is given Kabwe town located in the African nation of Zambia. An active lead mining in the area stopped many years ago, but the people of the region are still suffering mass of lung disease due to the high concentration of lead and cadmium dust into the air and soil. The ninth and the eighth stage of the conditional honor stairs assigned to Azerbaijan with its mines in the district of Sumgait and known almost to everyone Chernobyl. The seventh and sixth position belongs rightfully Dzerzhinsk and Norilsk respectively. Active production of many dangerous and heavy metals such as zinc, lead, nickel and cadmium, arsenic and copper could not assist the loss of health, living not only in the area of ​​active research area, but also to all surrounding areas. In fifth place — Peru, and the fourth and the third place belongs to India, with its leadership in the production of chromium. The second honorable position, as well as the unconditional first place went to China at the same time (Tyanin, Linfin). Such a powerful industrial development east of the country could not but affect its ecology. After all, for all you need to pay and economic prosperity has a reverse side of the coin. Water and soil in these regions is so full of lead compounds that disorders of memory and hallucinations affected almost half of the indigenous population. Mines, mining coal in Linfin city area caused widespread lung ailments from asthma to bronchitis anthracosis and different from most of the residents of the area. This situation makes us think not too high a price we pay for the rapid development of technical progress, after taking into account this trend may come a time when the wonders of modern technology is simply no use.

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