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Copper wire is able to surpass even the optical fiber

18 November 2013

High-speed and reliable data transmission over wired media over time is more and more interest, as in domestic and international companies in the corresponding direction. In 2014, the corporation that supplies services to the international market prepares for ITU approval of a new standard in the controlled area. The use of new technologies and inventions in the field of electrical engineering will allow through a copper cable to provide high-speed transmission parameter within one gigabyte within a distance of two hundred and fifty meters.

The present invention avoids laying to the home of each user more expensive fiber-optic cable, for copper media, working under the new standard will be able to provide the network bandwidth is not lower their optical counterparts. And to implement such a task is capable of the same copper cable, which is widely produced now, without any improvements.

So that next year the market communications technologies appear quite cheap and high-quality alternative to existing systems. And those providers, which in the past have saved money for an optical cable, not wanting to pull the expensive raw materials to every consumer now will benefit by providing their customers with more high-speed and stable connection than their wasteful competitors. According to the most conservative estimates, the new system will give the same amount of traffic as the optical material, but still need some additional equipment for the installation of the new standard G. fast. So far, the total price of the issue is not yet clear. Another fact that should be taken into account in the implementation of these developments — the time it takes to complete the adaptation of technology to the realities of modern life, for the development of optical technology is also being very speedy pace and is constantly moving forward. The company is now a manufacturer of unique method of planning to carry out its full implementation in a couple of years. But it is worth considering, and whether then the new standard is also relevant as it is now.

The rapid development of scientific and technological progress and the constant emergence of ever new more modern technology sometimes causes that the invention loses its urgency and necessity, even before they reach the user. So that ITU should hurry to profitably sell their new child user of communications services.

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