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VSMPO-Avisma plans to suspend production of ferrotitanium

23 September 2013

According to a statement released by the press center of the company «VSMPO-Avisma», the company will stop production on ferrotitanium the next four months. Experts explain the decision to suspend the release of the management by the fact that this year in the European market has developed this resource is extremely disadvantageous situation whereby sales of ferroalloy is almost completely ceased. However, according to representatives of the corporation, suspension of production of titanium products does not necessarily mean the dismantling or liquidation of a smelting foundry number 20.

Recall that the line mentioned above, mainly specializes in the production of high-grade ferrotitanium. This alloy is used in heavy industry as an alloying element or an additive in the manufacture of special steels.

According to the press service of the «VSMPO-Avisma», now the shop number 20 continues to work on a reduced schedule: here is done melting casting alloys and aluminum master alloys and solders, as well as carried out crushing ingots alloys for alloying and deoxidation. «All employees of the company involved in data production processes, remain in their jobs," — commented the heads of departments.

During the four-month forced break in the production process in a smelting foundry (in conjunction with the departments number 6i number 8) is planned to carry out major repairs of technological equipment, in particular, the melting induction furnace and continuous casting machine. In addition, easy to be used for installation in the workshop ESR furnaces designed for the production of copper.

In the «VSMPO-Avisma» emphasize that stop 20th workshop — a temporary measure. If the predictions come true positive corporate marketing department made earlier, the site will resume work in standard mode with the first quarter of next year.

Recall that the JSC «Corporation» VSMPO-Avisma «is a leading global producer of titanium and provides a» winged «metal of the largest aerospace companies.

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