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Company Russian Aluminium resumes construction of an alumina refinery in the Komi Republic

24 September 2013

As follows from the statement of Vyacheslav Gayzer occupying the post of head of the Komi Republic, in the region is planned to renew the life of the project in the embodiment of UC «RUSAL» («Russian Aluminum») for the construction of an alumina refinery. The implementation of this program — say representatives of local authorities — will make it possible to expand the existing operating today bauxite mine in Ukhta area. «At the end of the construction volumes of primary aluminum production in the area will increase to 6.5 mln. Tons of rock per year. In addition, the commissioning of the alumina refinery operation will significantly reduce the volume imported in the Russian resource: Plant is able to provide 70% of the Russian industry, manufacturer of aluminum, domestic raw materials, «- commented on the news, Mr. Gaiser.

The construction of the alumina plant near Sosnogorsky management of «Rusal» planned to start at the beginning of two-thousand years, and by 2017 the industrial giant had to earn at full capacity. Earlier it was reported that the plant was to be the outcome of the second phase of construction of a bauxite-alumina-aluminum complex in the Komi Republic.

Recall that UC «RUSAL» is engaged in mining of bauxite in the Middle Timan mine during the last twelve years; and during this period the company has been extracted from the bowels of the exploited sections of more than 15 million. tons of rock. The new plant also will be required to produce the raw materials processing from this mine. In the third stage of the complex is to be built a plant for the production of aluminum (presumably, in the Pechora district). «Locating the entire production chain in the territory of one region will significantly reduce the cost of the final product» — share information logistics specialists «Russian Aluminium».

Recall that UC «RUSAL» is a leader in the global industry for the production of aluminum. The company accounts for about 10% of global production of aluminum and alumina. OK «Rusal» cooperates with nineteen countries worldwide in Europe, North America and Southeast Asia.

It is well known that the Republic of Komi is the largest on the territory of Russian raw materials bauxite ore. Only within the Timan Ridge today studied several bauxite mine areas (including — Srednetimansky (in its territory lies 68% of all stocks of the province) and the South-Timan).

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