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State copper market in China and Russia

19 September 2013

As the statistics on the Asian region, China in August this year, compared with August of last year, increased the volume of imports of raw copper and products thereof at 8.91%. In particular, the volumes imported to China red metal at this time increased from 355.86 thousand. Tons to 387.56 thousand. Tons. Meanwhile, the dynamics of this resource in the comparison figures month-to-month turned out to be the opposite: in comparison with July 2013, the import volume of copper in the country fell by 5.6% in August 2013. In general, in the first eight months of this year, compared to the same period last year, imports of copper in China decreased by 13.1% (to 2.8 mln. Tons).

Earlier it was reported that the production volumes of refined copper in China in the first seven months of this year, compared to the same period last year, increased by 12.4%. So, 3,760,000. Tons of red metal was produced in the specified period in the country. The volume of copper production in January-July 2013 is increased by 14.6% — to 2.47 million tons… This trend corresponds to the assumptions of analysts «Antaike Information Development». Earlier, the experts of this company, it was stated that the production volumes of refined copper in China in the current year may increase to 6 million. Tons (which is 8% more than the similar data for 2012).

Despite the fact that China is not among the largest buyers of Russian copper, according to the dynamics of the export of this resource from the Russian Federation in the first half of this year, doubles (with a comparable scope) behavior figures on Chinese imports. In particular, according to the statistics of the Federal Customs Service of Russia, the producers of this country in the first seven months of this year (compared to the same period last year) significantly reduced the volume of exports of refined copper. Figures for foreign sales to Russia decreased during this period by 38.2%. So, in this period, the volume of Russian exports of the red metal equaled 113.9 thous. Tons. Revenue from such transactions was estimated at 865.6 million. Dollars. The volume of exports of copper from Russia to CIS countries reached the level of 107.2 thousand. Tons, and revenue from these contracts amounted to 825.7 million. Dollars. Also, Customs Service report shows that the volume of exports of copper to the CIS countries for the period in question stood at 6.7 ths. Tons.

Recall that Russia in the first half of this year, compared to the same period last year, reduced exports of refined copper in primary forms and in the form of rods of 8.5%. Thus, the volume of such shipments stood at 290.5 ths. Tons, while revenues from the export transactions on the red metal of these categories decreased by 10.2% to 2.2 billion. Dollars.

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