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Russian producers of non-ferrous metals will save 63 billion. Rubles

26 September 2013

In the period from 2014 till 2016 the year the Russian non-ferrous metal manufacturers to save about 63 billion rubles. This effect — analysts say — bring measures to freeze prices of natural monopolies (including — payment of municipal infrastructure services, cost of services and goods operators fuel and energy complex and transport companies). The greatest economic benefit from the implementation of this program, according to experts, will receive the aluminum producers.

We recall that last week the Russian government has decided to suspend for 2014 (in respect of industrial consumers) increase in prices of goods and services of natural monopolies. In this regard, the Ministry of Economic Development was instructed to finalize the macroeconomic forecast for the next 3 years, and earlier this week the agency has submitted to the Government the results of this work.

Innovation in tariff are most relevant for Russian metallurgists. In addition, for non-ferrous metallurgy savings from the «freeze» will be the most noticeable (approximately 1/5 of the total cost since the expenditure on the production and marketing of these products pay for goods and services of natural monopolies). Through innovation, the profitability of this segment will amount to 9% in the coming years. Well, the most tangible bonus of price controls will receive the aluminum industry. «To this end, non-ferrous metals sector is characterized by particularly large costs for the supply of electricity (from 25 to 40% of the metal cost), as well as decent cost (about 10%) for gas and rail transport," — commented on the situation analysts. Suspending the rising cost of goods and services of natural monopolies will allow market players to significantly shift the economics of the manufacturing process from loss to profit. «This is especially true for the balance of the leading companies in the sector are forced to harsh competitive environment to stop entire factories» — describe the event the representatives of Ministry of Economic Development EFR.

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