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In the first half of DSS reduced commodity output

22 July 2013

As the recent report published by the representatives of the Zaporozhye steel plant «DSS», the company in the first half of 2013 significantly reduced the rate of production. In particular, the plant has reduced the volume of commodity output in comparison with the first half of 2012 (mostly stainless, tool, bearing, structural, high-temperature and high-speed steels and alloys) by 17.8% — to 1.95 billion hryvnia in the absolute. values.

The company also published the results of the Company for the first month of summer. According to the press service of the leader of the Ukrainian sector of special steels, the total value of commodity products produced by the last month amounted to 347.75 million. Hryvnia at current prices, which is about 5.8% higher than in May of similar indicators. Positive trends have shown, and the figures for the production of rolled products -. 16.4 thousand tons (it is 3.2% higher than the figures for May). However, the volume of steel production in June Zaporizhia electrometallurgy plant «lost ground»: his powers were cast 24.6 thousand tons of this production (which is 5.3% below the May figures).

Previously reported: for the whole 2012 Zaporozhye electrometallurgy plant «DSS» has reduced the production of marketable products by 27% compared with 2011 — up to 4.146 billion hryvnia in absolute terms… In general, over the past year, the company had produced 329.4 ths. Tons of steel (it is 22.5% less than in the previous year) and produced 218.73 thousand. Tons of rolled products (which 21.8% less data on the same period in 2011).

Recall that the Zaporozhye electrometallurgy plant «DSS» — a leading Ukrainian manufacturer of long products and forgings of heat-resistant nickel alloys and certified special grades of steel, such as stainless, structural, instrumental, high-speed (including those produced by powder metallurgy technology) and bearing. Alloys, rolling, produced at the plant are used in the manufacture of machinery parts and tools, seamless pipes, bearings, cutting tools and other products requiring special resistance of the material. Due to its geographical location in the center of Ukraine, the company has the ability to collaborate with customers in many CIS and European countries. Among the customers of the plant — the subjects of mechanical engineering, aerospace, oil and gas, shipbuilding industries in more than 60 countries around the world.

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