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Exchange aluminum prices are far from positive dynamics

19 July 2013

Exchange aluminum prices are far from positive momentum. In particular, the average price on the London Metal Exchange on cash resources with immediate payment and delivery in May was 1.83 thousand dollars per ton in June -. 1.82 thousand dollars per ton in the first half of July -. 1.77 thousand. per ton, and stopped at the level of 1.75 thousand. dollars on the last trading per tonne. Recall that the average price of the «winged metal» on the LME in July last year was at the level of 1.87 thousand. Dollars per ton. In this case only the last two months storage of aluminum on the LME increased from 5.22 to 5.41 ths. Tons.

The situation on the Shanghai Futures Exchange does not look in the best way. Price last time the execution of contracts for aluminum fell from 2.37 to 2,355 thousand. Dollars per tonne within two months. The cost of cash metal over the same period decreased from 2.37 to 2.35 thousand. dollars per ton. True, stocks are reduced from 464.4 to 382.7 thous. Tons.

As the statistics of the International Aluminium Institute, in the whole world stocks decreased by 38 thousand. Tons, up 2.25 million. Tons. With average daily release of primary aluminum in the world (excluding China) fell into this May, compared to April, only 0.2% (up to 126.7 thousand. Tonnes in absolute terms). The average daily output of aluminum by Chinese manufacturers in May, compared to April, increased by 0.12% (up to 57 ths. Tons in absolute terms). However, in comparison with May of last year, China increased its production by 5.2%. In general, the issue of world primary aluminum in January-May 2013 compared to the same period of 2012, increased by 4.9% and amounted to 19.25 million. Tons.

Meanwhile, in the press profile is still dominated by the pessimistic news on the aluminum market. So the foreign media recently announced that the international rating agency «Moody's» this month has been significantly downgraded the credit rating of the aluminum corporation «Alcoa» (USA), which ranks third in the world production. According to experts, this is a confirmation of the fact that the aluminum industry still has not departed after the 2008 crisis and in need of competent and systematic support. Representatives of «Moody's» explained like the decision that reduced demand for aluminum (against the background of recession in Europe and slowing down under the influence of the Chinese economy) prevent the corporation to extinguish loan debt now stands at more than 8.6 billion. Dollars. «What happened with» Alcoa «- not the exception, but a confirmation of the fact that the global aluminum industry is experiencing severe stress," — commented on the situation analysts.

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