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It has been another demonstration against the development of nickel in the Voronezh region

23 July 2013

According to a statement released by the press service of GU MVD of Russia in the Voronezh region, at the end of last week, more than nine hundred people took part in the sanctioned action against the development of nickel deposits in the area Novokhopersk edge. «During the meeting the public order was not disturbed, and not been a single incident of emergency» — the report said representatives of the department.

Yuri Shevchuk — a member of the Public Council under the Russian OMVD on Novokhopyorsky District, speaking observer at the event, noted that there are no conflicts and disagreements between the police and the protesters did not arise.

Recall that since March last year, the Voronezh region, the people actively protested against the intention of «Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company» to establish the mining and processing of nickel ore in the region. According to public opinion, such action would lead to a significant deterioration of the ecological situation in the areas adjacent to the disputed territories of the project, and will have irreparable damage to the fertile lands of the region. After numerous unsuccessful attempts to attract the attention of the authorities to this problem with the help of rallies and activists sent an appeal to the UN to investigate the situation and take all possible measures to prevent possible discrimination against residents of the Central Black Soil Region, whose rights in the development of the nickel deposit may be violated.

From previously appeared in the news media on this topic should be that not all the activities of anti-nickel activists were «smoothly.» For example, on May 13 this year among the participants of peaceful protest and camp staff Chop, who were hired by «Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company», a serious conflict situation developed into a massive collision. According to data obtained OMVD Russia's Novokhopyorsky District, from local residents and security guards CHOP then fourteen allegations of causing bodily injuries of varying severity were obtained. According to environmental activists, at that time not only the guards used «traditional» in similar clashes stun, but also throwing protesters in stones and bricks, from which some of the participants of the meeting received a traumatic brain injury. To resolve the conflict between the protection of May and protesters riot policemen were involved.

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