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In China, the decline in prices for titanium ingots continues

13 June 2013

In response to the fall in prices for titanium sponge — the raw material for the manufacture of titanium ingots — Chinese manufacturers have reduced the price of the resource for their products. Thus, the metal ingots that meet certification TA1, TA2 and TA3, fell in price by 320 dollars per ton, and are now within 10,7−12,1 thousand. Dollars per 1000 kilograms.

Representatives of one of the Chinese manufacturers expressed the need for the implementation of the aforementioned measures in connection with the steady decline in prices for titanium sponge. So, sponge titanium 99.7% purity, which serves as raw material for titanium ingots from alloy TA1, now stands in the area of ​​9.5 thousand. Dollars per ton. In view of the lack of consumer demand and reduced production volumes of titanium mill products. The report of the operator of the Chinese market was also told that his company has realized over the last week only 5 tons ingots TA2 at a discounted price of 10.9 thousand. Dollars per ton.

The representative of a competing enterprise management titanium company of Shaanxi Province, said a complete lack of new contracts with the consumers of their products in recent years. «Our plant dramatically reduces the volume of tapping under pressure of circumstances: in warehouses formed unprecedented stocks of unsold finished products» — described the current situation of the plant manager.

The representative of the titanium producer, located in Ningxia province, reported a similar situation: «Volumes of metal release has been reduced to a minimum, as analysts now do not see signs of improvement in the market and do not observe hints on raising the price of titanium in the foreseeable future. Stocks of metals consumed mainly for the manufacture of titanium tubes «in reserve»; Activity same buyers tends to zero. «

Meanwhile, in 2012 the market of titanium ingots in China, there was significant increase in the level of production. From January to December, there were issued more than 105 thousand. Tons of this production, which is 10% more than in 2011.

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