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Will produce nickel in the Lipetsk region?

17 June 2013

Soon the protests of the local population against the development of nickel in the Voronezh region may spill over into neighboring regions.

Environmentalists and activists of the Lipetsk region in 2012 has supported the protests of his colleagues in the Voronezh region against the mining of nickel Novokhopersk area. This was due to the fact that the proximity of these facilities (after the start of production) could affect the environmental situation in both regions. Probably, activists fear may not be unfounded: according to some sources, in the near future nickel production will be launched in the Lipetsk region. In particular, it said in a statement Plaksenko Alexander — head of the subsoil management «Mednogorsky copper and sulfur plant.»

According to the parties, acting in defense of ecology edge — Constantine Rubakhin opportunity nickel development in the Lipetsk region was discussed with the public in December 2012 (a meeting attended by the aforementioned Alexander Plaksenko and Nikolai Chernyshev — geologist, professor of the Voronezh State University and head of the Public Council when the governor of the Voronezh region). Then it was said that Rosnedra transferred at the beginning of the application of such research and development.

According to earlier statements made by the representatives of the mining business, miners do not intend to be limited to the development of promising clusters of minerals only in Novokhopersk area. According to them, now preparing documents to obtain permission for nickel exploration and development of its deposits in the central and southern parts of the Voronezh region, as well as in nickel structures in the Lipetsk region. Local ekoaktivisty now trying to find out how real are the prospects for the region and for their surrounding areas.

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