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KUZOTSM modernizes production of rolled copper

20 June 2013

Representatives of JSC «Kamensk-processing plant of non-ferrous metals» («KUZOTSM») announced its intention to launch the production of rolled copper for innovative technology in September of this year. This project is being implemented on the basis of established recently in the shops of the enterprise equipment brand «Conform».

"Apparatuses" Conform TLJ 400 «are machines for continuous extrusion of copper bus. The technology enables to produce a copper profile of almost any shape, wherein the cross section of the finished product area can vary from 100 to 2000 sq. Mm. The maximum width of copper products could reach 170. mm used in the production of oxygen-free copper, the red metal M1 brands MS0,1, MS0,03 as blanks for new equipment complex «Conform» is rolled -. cast wire diameters from 8 mm to 20 mm «- describes a new technique employees.

«JSC» Kamensk-processing plant of non-ferrous metals «works not only with Russian consumers. The company regularly carries out export of copper and its alloys in many European countries, as well as in Brazil, Turkey and neighboring countries in the state. Naturally, the presence in these markets, the company must constantly evolve. The new machines will significantly expand the range of copper products produced on «KUZOTsM», which is certainly a positive impact on the competitiveness of the plant «- assured the representatives of Kamensk-Ural enterprise.

Recall that the JSC «KUZOTSM» is included in the group «Renova» company and today is the leader in non-ferrous metallurgy in Russia. This company has been working since 1942 and currently produces a wide range of products of copper, nickel, zinc and their alloys — only about 16 thousand more than 140 sizes and compositions with different ingredients. In the manufacturing process at the plant includes melting, casting, rolling, forging and wire drawing plant.

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