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Zinc prices on world markets are stable

18 June 2013

Despite the minor changes in the exchange quotations of major global resource trading venues are generally the zinc market remains stable: the average price of the metal with immediate payment and delivery over the past few months, ranged from US $ 1815−1869 per ton.

Meanwhile, according to the London Metal Exchange and the Shanghai Futures Exchange, the stock balance of zinc suppliers are beginning to decline (which traditionally leads to progressive resource costs). But while the world market still continues to feel a surplus of the metal.

According to statistics, in the first quarter of this year the world production of zinc exceeded demand by 141 thousand. Tonnes, and as some analysts predict, in 2013 this figure will increase to 94% (up to 273 ths. Tons). Experts say: «In the near future is expected to increase net production of zinc worldwide (almost 10%), are not supported by an equivalent increase in consumption.» «And most of the credit belongs to the Chinese producer of the metal in such a change of numbers," — say professional players in the market.

Meanwhile, expert opinion on the immediate prospects of the zinc sector spending. For example, it was reported earlier that China in the near future plans to artificially boost demand for zinc in the domestic market. To achieve this the Chinese government will, by financial investments in the industry of western and central provinces and the state of development of the method of mechanical engineering and the automotive industry in China, where the resource is in demand in the production of steel products with high added value. «These measures will help to significantly increase the demand for zinc, which compensates for its surplus production» — say the representatives of the Chinese authorities.

Also, an increase in zinc demand in the near future do not exclude and in other Asian countries — Thailand, Taiwan, India, Indonesia. Consider the possibility of increasing consumer interest in the resource in Turkey. In view of the above factors, some analysts doubt the future surplus of the metal on world markets in 2013, and the most daring and does make radically different predictions. So experts «Morgan Stanley» predict that by year-end demand for zinc will exceed production by nearly 100 thousand. Tonnes, and the situation will last for several years.

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