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Table of stainless steels

As a rule, stainless steel grades are presented in the form of a table, as there are several standards in the world and their designations differ from each other. The main documents are GOST, AISI, EN, DIN. All corrosion-resistant alloys have in common that they contain at least 10.5% of chromium. Stainless steel can be:

-austenitic (A);

-ferritic (F);

-martensitic ©.

Regarding the products, here you can often find the offer of stainless tubes in the form of a table, where the outer diameter, thickness, weight of 1 m and number according to GOST are specified. This section is a general information about the rolled metal, and specific information about the product can be found through the "Search" or one of the numbers in the "Contact Us".Supplier "Auremo" offers you not only heat-resistant steel pipes, but also a full range of other types of rolled metal products on the most favorable terms. We guarantee quality and professional approach to each customer.