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General information on copper-nickel alloys

Technical Characteristics

Products made of copper alloys alloyed with nickel are becoming increasingly popular today. Their composition in addition to copper and nickel include such elements as manganese (manganin), aluminum, cobalt (cunial, iron, lead, zinc (melchior) and others. Each of the alloys differs in the percentage content of additional components, which in turn determine the physical and chemical properties and scope of operation Copper-nickel alloys are used for parts for special purposes, which have a high level of corrosion resistance, for example, in shipbuilding. They are also used in radio engineering, in the manufacture of medical instruments, heat exchangers and cryogenic equipment.


Manganin is a specific alloy based on nickel and manganese. There is a classification of manganin depending on percentage of cobalt and nickel (2.5 - 3.5%) (Co+Ni), manganese (11.5 - 13.5%) and copper (85%). The main characteristics of the main manganese grade MNMz 3-12 are the low temperature coefficients of resistance, while the electrical resistance has a sufficiently high degree. An important property is also a relatively small thermoelectromotive force in pair with copper.


The name of the alloy cunial comes from the following chemical elements: copper (Cu), nickel (Ni) and aluminum (Al). This alloy has high corrosion resistance, elasticity and high strength in seawater and atmospheric conditions. Cunial has two grades: (MHA 1-Z-Z) Cunial A. It contains 2, Z-Z% Al and 12-15% Ni + Co; (MHA 6-1.5) Cunial B, which contains 1.2-2.8% Al and 5.5-6.5% Ni + Co.


Melchior - belong to the group of copper-nickel alloys. This group of European alloys includes two kinds of metal, MN19 and MNDMC30-1-1. They are alloyed with iron and manganese. These alloys are used to make semi-finished products such as: pipe, sheet, round, and wire.


MNZHMZ30-1-1-1 is a copper-nickel alloy, GOST 492-- - - 2006. The chemical composition of the alloy in the percentage ratio: Ni + Co - 29-33%, Fe-0.5-1%, C - up to 0.05%, Si- up to 0.15%, Mn-0.5-1%, S- up to 0.01%, P up to 0.01%, Cu-64.4-70%, Pb up to 0.05%, Zn-0.5%, other elements only 0.6%. Cu is the basis of the metal. CrNZhMz30-1-1 is used in instrumentation and consumer sector for making condenser tubes of oil-coolers, parts of air conditioners,. This metal has good workability, resistance to corrosion and erosion, it is well welded.


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