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Processing and production of copper-nickel alloys

Technical Characteristics

In industry, copper-nickel alloys are divided into 2 groups - these are electrical and structural. The final processing method also has several options depending on the use of the finished product. For example, foundry alloys have higher corrosion resistance, while deformable ones are more characterized by high electrical conductivity. Production of copper-nickel alloys is regulated by both GOST and the manufacturer's specifications. These documents specify not only the chemical composition but also the melting number, manufacturing plant, whether the material underwent heat treatment (hardening or aging) , etc.

Kunial-A MHA 13-3

Al% Ni + Co Fe% Mn% Pb Cu impurities
2.3-3% 12-15% 1% 0,5% 0,002% Base 0,5%

Kunial-B MNAB 1.5

Al Ni + Co Fe Mn Pb Cu impurities
1.2-2,8% 5,5-6,5% 0,5% 0,2% 0,002% Base 0,5%

After heat treatment, the alloy is hardened. Hardening takes place after reaching t° 900-1000°C in water and aging takes place at t° 500-600°C. The alloy retains its ductility and strength in the cryogenic range. It does not rust in water. Kunial B grade has an aged tensile strength of 638 MPa and its transverse contraction is 50%. When the temperature drops to -180°C the resistance reaches 700 MPa. Kunial is remelted at t° 3200 °C.

Manganese MNMz 3-12

Mn Cu Pb and S Fe C Ni+Co impurities
3,5-11,5% Base 0,02% each 0,5% 0,05% 2,5-3,5% 0,5%

Manganese MNMzzAJ 3-12-0,3-0,3

Mn Cu Al Fe C Ni+Co impurities
11,5-13,5% Base 0,2-0,4% 0,2-0,5% --- 2,5-3,5% 11,5-13,5%

For the alloy grade MNMCAZ 3-12-0.3-0.3 and MNMZ 3-12 the main type of rolled steel is a wire. Production standard GOST 492-2006, the requirements for nickel alloys, as well as nickel and nickel-copper, subjected to pressure treatment. To achieve stabilization of the electrical characteristics in a vacuum, the metals undergo special heat treatment, as a result of which they can be used when heated up to +200 ° C, in contrast to the non-stabilized alloys, which can only withstand 60-80 ° C. The treatment stabilizes all the properties of the alloys and increases the degree of homogeneity of the alloy.


Melchior belongs to the group of copper-nickel alloys. This group of European alloys includes two types of metal, MN19 and MNDMC30-1-1. They are alloyed with iron and manganese. These alloys are used to make semi-finished products such as: pipe, sheet, round, and wire.


MNZHMZ30-1-1 - production standard, GOST 492-2006. The chemical composition of the alloy in the percentage ratio: Ni + Co- 29-33%, Fe-0.5-1%, C - up to 0.05%, Si- up to 0.15%, Mn-0.5-1%, S- up to 0.01%, P up to 0.01%, Cu-64.4-70%, Pb up to 0.05%, Zn-0.5%, other elements only 0.6%. Cu is the basis of the metal. CrNZhMz30-1-1 is used in instrumentation and consumer sector for the manufacture of condenser tubes of oil coolers, parts of air conditioners,. This metal has good processability, resistance to corrosion and erosion, it is well welded.

Technological properties of MNZHMZ30-1-1

1) Melting point +1230 °C;

2) Hot working of the metal occurs upon reaching +860-950 °C;

3) Annealing - at 750 - 810 °C.

Mechanical properties of the metal MNZHMz30-1-1 :

4) The hardness of MNZHMZ30-1-1 is hard metal - HB 10 -1 = 98 MPa.


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