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Application of copper-nickel alloys


The main areas of application of copper-nickel alloys can be defined by their conventional division into structural and electrical. The breadth of their use is dictated by their excellent characteristics: resistance to corrosion (in both sea and fresh water); high strength; excellent electrical qualities and thermal performance.


Alloy MNZh5-1 makes details of electrical engineering, electrodes for welding copper alloys with brass, welding with aluminum-manganese bronze. Production of MHZh5-1 pipe is regulated by GOST 492-2006. Such pipes are used in shipbuilding industry, as well as in production of condensers and heat exchangers of steam turbines.


Kunial is used to manufacture special purpose parts that have high strength and high level of corrosion resistance, for example, in shipbuilding. It is also used for radio parts, springs, propellers, medical instruments and other electrical elements. It has high frost resistance and is used in cryogenics. Cunial, A is used in parts with high strength, Cunial B is used in the manufacture of elastic elements and springs.

МNМЦАЖ 3-12-0,3-0,3 and МNМц 3-12

MNMtsAJ 3-12-0,3-0,3-0,3 and MNMts 3-12 is most commonly used in the manufacture of electrical measuring instruments, sample resistors. Both shunts and bridge circuits are made with its participation. Manganin has a low resistance at room temperatures. Therefore it is indispensable in the design and manufacture of instruments of high accuracy. An example of such instruments is a resistor.

Winding wires

Manganese alloys are used by manufacturers of hard (PMT) and soft (PMM) wires whose diameter ranges from 0.02 to 6 mm, as well as ribbon types whose width does not exceed 270 mm at a thickness of up to 0.08 mm, as their primary raw material and are ideally suited for manufacturing these products. A wide range of popular winding wires is available in production. The most popular winding wires are enamel-coated wires (PEVMT and PEVMM), insulated wires with natural silk coating (PSHDMT and PSHDMM), as well as wires with only one layer of natural silk, with enamel coating on such products (PESHOMT and PESHOMM).


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