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Nichrome in insulation

Technical Characteristics

Nichrome is a precision alloy with high electrical resistance that is widely used for heating elements. Nichrome in insulation consists of two parts: X20H80 wire and a covering insulating layer. Usually glass filament, enamel, polyvinyl chloride are used for insulating material.

Quality requirements

The alloy consists of the following chemical elements: Ni (55 to 78%), Cr (15 to 23%), and Mn (1.5%). The remainder is iron. The specific resistance of the alloy is 1.0 to 1.1 Ohmxmm2/m and the density is 8.2 to 8.5 g/cm³. This material can be used at a temperature of about 1000 degrees without losing its mechanical strength. The main advantages of nichrome: high melting point, corrosion resistance, low coefficient of thermal expansion, hardness, strength.


For current-carrying central core Kh20H80 wire Ø 0,2-2,0 mm is used. Insulating material - glass filament, melting temperature of which is ~500°C. Glass filament, which has a diameter thickness of 2±0.2 mm, is wound on the wire with a coil to coil. The breakdown voltage in the insulation must be at least 1250 V. Installation of GIN (flexible insulated heater) by winding on the frame in several layers, is not allowed in order to avoid overheating. The minimum bending diameter of the flexible insulated heater must not be less than 5 times the diameter of the current-carrying core. According to GOST 10 994-74 Nichrome in insulation is recommended for application in electrical heating installations of high reliability.


Heating elements of electric industrial and laboratory furnaces, household appliances, soldering irons. Used in all industries: in electric heating furnaces, heat-exposure apparatus, drying and firing furnaces. It is in demand for heating building structures, heating car seats. It is also used as heat-resistant (heat-resistant), resistant chemical alloy in aggressive environments.

Advantages of

- Significant electrical resistance and mechanical strength;
- increased resistance to oxide formation, thermal fatigue, scale formation at 1200ºС;
- considerable resistance to thermal changes;
- high number of cycles of switching-off and switching-on of heating elements before their destruction.


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