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Economically alloyed alloys

Technical specifications

Nichromes (alloys of nickel and chromium) with high electrical resistance have traditionally been the basis of heating elements for household appliances and industrial installations since the 20th century. But due to the high price of these alloys and embrittlement in sulfur and sulfur oxide vapors, instability in carburizing gases, which are so often used in production, they were forced out on the market by fechral (Fe-Cr-Al) and nickel-doped ferronichromes (Fe-Ni- cr). The share of the latter in the sector of consumption of special heating alloys abroad has reached almost 85%.

Market reorientation

Why is the domestic market focused on nichrome? There are several reasons. One of the main ones is that domestic outdated technologies give unstable properties of chromium-aluminum alloys from batch to batch. Domestic fechral is prone to intergranular corrosion failure, high-temperature embrittlement, rapid manifestation of signs of creep and sagging when heated strongly. Therefore, consumers often prefer expensive brands X20H80 and X15H60 with better characteristics than domestic fechrals.

Advantages of high quality fechrals

The negative experience of using foreign fehrals makes consumers wary of high-quality foreign analogues. And, meanwhile, modern technologies guarantee the uniformity of the fechral structure, the continuity of the protective oxide layer and its «sticking» to the surface due to precision micro-alloying with elements such as Al, Mn, Si. Zr and others. Reducing the carbon content below 0.03% gives high ductility, eliminates the tendency to intergranular high-temperature corrosion, increases the creep limit and resistance to oxidation, the action of sulfur and its oxides, carburization with significant heating.

Oxidation resistance

The resistance of Fechral to oxidation in aggressive industrial environments gives a chemically inert, dense surface protective oxide layer based on Al203. Fechrals are more resistant to organic acids and caustic alkalis, to chloride pitting and crevice corrosion, chloride corrosion cracking. In a CO-containing atmosphere, nickel at 800−950°C, due to simultaneous oxidation and carburization, loses its surface protective oxide layer and becomes covered with the so-called «green rot».

Foreign fechrals

Foreign fechrals are more heat-resistant and durable than nichrome and ferronichromes, and also have a more stable temperature coefficient of electrical resistance, which makes it possible to effectively maintain the heating temperature. In some cases, it is advisable to use the preliminary oxidation of Fechrals.


High-quality and relatively cheap foreign fechrals have an extended service life and high manufacturability of heating elements. So, fechrals (especially with the addition of yttrium) are used not only for built-in and wound spirals on matrix bases of household electrical appliances and industrial equipment, but also in suspension and tension type heaters (hair dryers, heat fans, heat guns, etc.).


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