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JSW Steel increases its production capacity sheet

9 August 2019

JSW Steel is one of the leading steel companies of India. At its Tarapur plant has earned the first line that produces sheet. The plant itself is located in the state of Maharashtra. The line is capable to produce 250 thousand tons per year. The project has cost the company about 5.75 billion rupees. A new line is created using the technological innovation. She received continuous annealing furnace. This is the first such unit in the country. No one company in India does not use this. Thanks furnace will produce high-quality products. It will be sold under the brand JSW Platina.

The project was created and implemented in the strategic goals of the company. It is expected that the new line will produce tinplate, which will press the plastic. Have in mind that it will press on the national packaging market. In addition, its production safer for the environment. The company will be able to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide. It is known that in India, there is an environmental problem. Because many companies seek to improve their production processes. This will reduce the negative impact on the environment, to improve the situation.

Today, the Indian consumption of steel is 700 thousand tons. This refers to a year. However, each year the number is increasing. On average, its growth reaches 6.5%. In addition, a portion of the produce is imported. The volume of deliveries from abroad is about 300 thousand tons. The Indian company is able to produce about 1 million tons per year. However, they are not loaded even half of their capabilities. JSW Steel plans to create a second line for the production of tin. She plans to allocate for the project 4.6 billion rupees. Its capacity will be similar to the first line.

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