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Mughal Steel Mills will erect a new power station

12 July 2019

Mughal Steel Mills is a Pakistani company engaged in the production of steel products. It is the second largest producer of steel in Pakistan. Her plans include the construction of a new plant. It will be used for metallurgical plant of the company. The plant is located in Lahore. The design capacity of the future power plant will be 55 MW. Implementation of the project is estimated at $ 137 million. Fuel for the plant will be a mixture of different grades of coal. Its production is carried out on the territory of Pakistan.

In the state there are certain problems with the supply of electricity. More precisely, they are implemented with constant interruptions. It is reported Mughal Group of Industries. The prices are not standing still. Tariffs are constantly rising, which also negatively affects activities of enterprises. Because the company has decided to build its own power station. In fact, this is one of the solutions to a difficult situation. So you can exclude the dependency from other suppliers of electricity. In the end, it will reduce the number of interruptions in the operation of the enterprise. In addition, the company will be able to achieve decent savings.

Interestingly, Pakistan has relatively affordable electricity. Meant compared to other countries on the Indian subcontinent. He has a 93.6% of the potential consumers. In India, the average is 78.7 percent. In Bangladesh, it reaches 59.6% of. However, the electricity demand in Pakistan far exceeds supply. In addition, there are problems with the electricity network. Their condition is far from satisfactory. In the near future the situation hardly will change dramatically. Because large enterprises are forced to decide how to proceed.

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