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Group RusHydro has managed to achieve net profit growth for last year

12 April 2019

There is information on the financial results of the Group RusHydro for the year 2018. Under international financial reporting standards the increase in net profit. The figure was 32 billion. Compared to the 2017 year, the result was more of 28.5%. Also showed growth of net profit adjusted for non-cash items. It amounted to 71 billion rubles, which is 7.6% more. Also in comparison with the previous year. The increase caught and EBITDA. It reached a record for the company the level of 110 billion rubles. Compared to 2017, the growth amounted to 5.3%.

With regard to the overall revenue of the enterprise, and here win. Its size has exceeded 400 billion rubles. It thus exceeded the previous year by 5.1%. The high result was achieved due to one circumstance. So increased the volume of electricity generated by HPPs of the Volga-Kama cascade and Siberia. This was possible due to increased water inflow to the reservoir. In addition, was implemented in time certain events. They relate to the preparedness of the equipment to high load. Also more efficient used of water resources.

At the end of last year recorded growth of assets of the company. It amounted to 6.9%. Thus, the indicator has reached a size of 932 billion. The reason for this were the increase in the cost of fixed assets. Also increased the value of other current assets. This is made possible by increasing the amount of money. This refers to those placed on Deposit accounts. Period is more than 90 days. As for the operating expenses of the Group, and they grew up. The increase amounted to 5.1%. Liabilities have increased by 14.4%. Their sum has reached 346 billion.

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