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The Eurasian economic Commission is again investigating the import of Ukrainian rolls

23 March 2019

The Eurasian economic Commission decided to re-investigate. We are talking about the import of Ukrainian rolls. This was announced by the Department of domestic market protection. Anti-dumping investigation for forged steel rolls. Classified codes: 8455303101, 8455303109, 8455303901 and 8455303909 the FEACN of the cu. They are used for metal rolling mills. Produced swaths of Ukrainian metallurgical companies. They are imported into the customs territory of the Eurasian economic Union.

Retrial starts for a reason. Thus did the anti-dumping duty. Its size is 26% of the customs value. However, her term expires. In addition, there are a number of initiators of another investigation. Among them the Ural heavy machinery plant. Also present Elektrostal heavy engineering plant. Supported the initiative of the ORMETO-YuUMZ. The reason is that it greatly increased the volume of deliveries. This refers to the delivery rolls at the TT EEU. Growth was 29.4% for the first 9 months of last year. In addition, there were an increase in the level of price reduction. It has reached 15.1 percent. For comparison was taken the result of the last year.

If the Eurasian economic Commission detects violations, then the situation may deteriorate. Meant for Ukrainian producers. However, companies are confident in their abilities and the right. Initiative by other enterprises regarded as a way of competition. In the presence of violations of the Ukrainian company may be in a difficult position.

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