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MMK-Charcoal obsessed with safety and environmental

10 February 2019

OOO «MMK-Coal» refers to the Group of companies of JSC «Magnitogorsk metallurgical combine». 2017 implemented a program aimed at improving safety. The same applies to environmentally friendly production. The company is actively engaged in the implementation of environmental projects. Focuses on the two mines. We are talking about «Chertinskaya-Koksovaya» and «Kostromovskaja». They are considered to be production high risk. They actively pursued the development of new formations. Also expanding the production volume of coal. But also invest in improving safety for workers.

Both mines are developing a new security system. It is a multifunctional information management system. The innovations don’t end there. This year needs to implement a few new features. This system of remote control and surveillance. They touch the core production processes in preparatory and cleaning faces. As for the work with the miners, a special program. It is called «Safe work every day.» Under this programme, a training on the basics of industrial safety. Mines are «Key safety rules». There is also a risk map.

In 2018 the mine «Kostromovskaja» lines have been built post-treatment. With their help reduced the burden on the environment. However, this is only the first phase of the conservation project. The rate of purification of waste water of suspended substances was increased. It amounted to 405 cubic meters/hour. He previously reached a level of 300−400 cubic meters/hour. This year should be implemented the second stage. Thanks to him, the rate of purification should be 575 cubic meters/hour.

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